The Spectrum


  • Sara Ashworth Spectrum Institute for Teaching and Learning Jupiter, Florida USA
  • Constantine Chatoupis Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Athens



Spectrum, teaching styles, teaching patterns


The Spectrum of Teaching Styles is a conceptual framework that has remained for 50 years a guiding tool in teaching and research in physical education. According to Mosston and Ashworth (2008), the Spectrum consists of a continuum of 11 landmark styles, each of which emerges as decisions shift between teacher and learner. The eleven styles can be clustered into either reproduction (styles A-E) or production (styles F-K) teaching styles. In the present paper the implications and relationships of the Spectrum to a variety of
teaching issues (e.g., feedback, discipline, motivation, and responsibility) are explored. It is explained why different meanings and implications to these styles are derived when these issues are addressed in the light of each of the 11 teaching styles. Also, the implementation of the Spectrum in relation to planning, reviewing, assessing, and reflecting on the teaching patterns and behaviors is delineated.


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Ashworth, S., & Chatoupis Κ. Κ. (2017). The Spectrum. Inquiries in Physical Education and Sport, 15(1), 16–31.