Key Factors that Shape All Teaching


  • Sara Ashworth Spectrum Institute for Teaching and Learning, Jupiter, Florida USA
  • Constantine Chatoupis Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Athens


Mosston, the Spectrum, teaching styles, paradigm shift


The Spectrum of Teaching Styles is system of fundamental theoretical knowledge on teaching and learning and at the same time a pedagogical tool than can assit in determining the congruence between intent and action. It was coined in mid ’60s by Muska Mosston and ever since it has been expanded and further delineated by Mosston and his long-time colleague Sara Ashworth. The purpose of the present paper is to highlight the Spectrum as a paradigm shift that casts a fresh new look on teaching and learning. Three issues provided the foundation from which Mosston’s new paradigm emerged: (a) The versus approach; (b) The role of idiosyncrasies; (c) The inconsistent use of terminology. The paper describes how Mosston addressed the above three issues in Spectrum terms. Also, it presents the Spectrum as a universal model of teaching. 


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