Educational evaluation: Evaluation models for educational programs


  • Vasilios Grammatikopoulos University of Thessaly, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science


educational evaluation, program evaluation, evaluation models


Evaluation as a distinct scientific area has been appeared recently. The evaluation development has been started in the USA and the United Kingdom in the middle of sixties (60’) and grew in the eighties (Worthen & Sanders, 1987). The fundamental setting of the evaluation development was education. School curricula were the first objects of the initial evaluation procedure in the USA (Dimitropoulos, 1998. Fitzpatrick, Sanders, & Worthen, 2004). The definition of the educational evaluation and its fundamental distinctions were provided in the present study. Moreover, it is presented a brief description of the evaluations models developed until today, and what are their basic characteristics. Finally, the implications and the usefulness of the evaluation development were discussed.


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