Exercise at the Workplace


  • Konstantina Karatrantou University of Thessaly, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science


occupational sport, wellness, sedentary workers, health, quality of life


In recent decades, researchers have focused on the implementation of various workplace exercise programs that appear to improve workers' physical and mental health, and consequently their efficiency and productivity at work. The purpose of this study was to review the relevant studies, which examined the effect of various exercise programs, in the workplace (during the work shift), on selected indices of health, functional capacity and physical fitness in sedentary office workers. Although several studies have been conducted in the international literature with individual and group counseling programs and tips for increasing physical activity in sedentary office workers; previous studies which focused on the implementation of organized exercise programs in the workplace are very limited and have conflicting results. The training contents of the exercise programs, the training objectives, the loading parameters (e.g. training frequency, etc.) as well as the sample characteristics may prob-ably account for the conflicting results among studies.


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