Planning, Application and Evaluation of a Swimming Teaching Program in the Primary School


  • Thomas Nikodelis Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science
  • Vasilios Papacharisis Sports Centre, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece
  • Vasilios Ntambakis Primary Education of Pieria, Greece
  • Konstadinos Misailidis Primary Education of Pieria, Greece
  • Aleksandros Papargyriou 5th High School of Pieria, Greece



swimming, school, teaching swimming, physical education, physical education curriculum


Swimming lessons at primary schools are not compulsory according to the Greek curriculum. In most pub-lic schools swimming is not being taught, nor is there any program to the contents of the course of physical education. The purpose of this study was to present the planning, application and evaluation of a swimming teach-ing program as part of the framework of physical education in primary schools. The study analyzed the pro-gram’s necessity, innovation, modern teaching approach as well as its application problems. One hundreds fifty one students of six schools participated in the study. The program was evaluated prior and after its application period through questionnaires that measured students’ a) knowledge level in swimming, b) attitude towards the teaching subject, c) intrinsic motivation to participate at the program. In addition, parents’ and teachers’ attitude towards the subject of swimming was similarly assessed. Descriptive analysis of the scores as well as a repeated measures analysis of variance with students’ scores as the dependent variable, time of measurement as the with-in –subjects factor, were held to statistically evaluate the program. Students that participated in the swimming teaching program statistically improved their knowledge in swimming as well as their attitudes towards the subject. Students’ intrinsic motivation was high from the beginning and remained at high levels even after the end of the program. Parents’ and teachers’ attitudes were positive as well. It was concluded that this program is capable of running in a considerable number of schools in Greece and provide practical and useful skill for young people.


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Nikodelis Θ., Papacharisis Β., Ntambakis Β., Misailidis Κ., & Papargyriou Α. (2014). Planning, Application and Evaluation of a Swimming Teaching Program in the Primary School. Inquiries in Physical Education and Sport, 12(2), 120–130.