Leisure, Recreation, Entertainment, Athletics: Issues Meaning And Their Relationships


  • Charilaos Kouthouris University of Thessaly, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science


free time, leisure, recreation, entertainment, sports & athletics


The present study examined the meaning and the limits between the words "leisure”, “recreation”, “entertainment” and “athletics”, especially in the Greek environment. The study also, supported a model which expressed the relationships between the above issues. The legalism of free time in present days, for each global citizen, testifies as a human conquest and represents the establishment of a huge commercial market in our planet. Greece as a destination, in the centre of world history, and their citizens has tested all the potential forms that received “leisure” issue across the centuries. The contents and the meaning of the term “leisure” changed always accordingly the values and the occasions, which each political system imposed. Generalizing the present study supported that “leisure” meanings in each different society, comes by the correspondence dominant philosophy, policy, technology and economy level.


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