Sports-Related Injuries of Recreational Tennis Players


  • Argiris Theodosiou Physical Education Teacher, PhD
  • Panagiotis Dionellis Ippokratio General Hospital of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece


tennis, injuries, amateur players


Τhe identification of the most common injuries which occur during a specific sport in a specific levelgroup, is essential for scientists who are interested in developing prevention strategies and in maximizing healthy participation. The aim of the present study was to identify the most common tennis-related injuries which occur in recreational players, during practice or competition. Research data were collected using a self-report questionnaire which was administered to 125 (N=125, 88: male, 37: female) recreational tennis
players. More than half of the players (58.4%) reported that they had been injured during the last two years and their age was found to be determinant of injury incident. As with regard to the location and the type of injuries, the majority of the research findings supported the existing model of tennis-related injuries which is based on data coming from higher level players and suggests that there is a prevalence of injuries of the lower extremities with the majority of them to be acute injuries whereas the majority of the injuries of the upper extremities to be overuse injuries. Moreover the present study, examines the relationship of selected risk factors with the injuries which occur during recreational tennis.


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