Outdoor Activities and Environmental Concern


  • Konstantinos Koukouris Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science


outdoor activities, environment, Olympic Games


All those involved in outdoor activities should have the opportunity to practice their sport in the natural setting. On the other hand, the increasing popularity of outdoor activities has had a serious negative effect on the environment. Most outdoor activities and venues have escaped the attention of environmentalists and researchers until very recently. Also many physical education teachers and sport instructors hold the rather naïve attitude towards outdoor sports as being environmentally friendly. These a priori attitudes are challenged in this paper through a review of literature. In this paper the following issues are reviewed: Do those involved in outdoor activities have few opportunities to practice their sport in the natural setting because of poor management practices of the environment in Greece? In what way do those involved in outdoor activities benefit by practicing their sport? Do the Olympic Games (especially the winter Olympics) have any consequences on the environment? Some suggestions are made for an improvement of the current affairs. The organizers as well as the participants, in outdoor activities should be aware of the fragility of the relationship between outdoor activities and nature. Furthermore efforts should be made to avoid any further damage of the environment through participation in outdoor activities.


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